.A Bible Club for Jr/Sr High Students

The Journey group are awarded points for memorization of verses,
books of the Bible read with summaries, Faith Foundations verses,
attendance, sections completed and good behavior. This year, the
group decided to bank their points as a team and have a
“pizza party” when they hit 8,000 points. They will be enjoying
their first pizza party after the Christmas break and are doing a
fabulous job of learningtheir materials. Abby Barnhart has even done 3 of her Bible chapters with synopsis so far! Way to go Abby!
 Journey Bible Book Summaries 
One of the requirements for a Journey student is to read the entire Bible within the 4 years of being in Journey. Awana has divided the Bible into four fairly equal groupings of books. Listing of the year's required books are in the front of our First Corinthians Bible Study Books.

​During Christmas break, it is my hope that the youth will be focusing on reading some of these books to get their summaries in on time. Remember, some of the books are very short and can be completed within a day.
Faith Foundation
​The group also have 7 verses and activities they are attempting to complete through their smaller pamphlet, Faith Foundation Book. Abby and Allie have completed 3 of the 7 so far. Way to go girls!