What is Faith Promise?
In Faith Promise, individual church members – including adults, young people, and children – prayerfully ask how much God would have them give to missions. Then, they make promises to give as the Lord directs. Such giving is a step of faith, trusting God to provide the resources to fulfill these commitments. The Missions Ministry Team has selected the specific missions that we support. 
The best explanation of the term Faith-Promise is that it means just what it implies. It necessitates going to God, and having the faith that He will provide the means whereby we can fulfill that promise. Often it includes promising that which we do not have, and always it means committing to God that which we do have. A faith-promise commitment is not a pledge. It is simply a covenant between man and God. If, for any reason, this promise cannot be kept, it is still a matter between man and God.

How does Faith Promise work? Each church member fills out a commitment card (on other side) which details their weekly, monthly, or yearly commitment. The cards have two parts. Church members take home the bottom signed part to remember their commitments. The top unsigned part is between the giver and God. This piece of the card is collected by the Missions Ministry Team and totaled. The sum of all the cards becomes the congregation’s mission commitment for the year. 

Why promote Faith Promise?
Churches that use Faith Promise testify that the excitement and vision for missions increase significantly, as does the amount of money given for missionary support. The congregation’s involvement in world evangelism grows and, through it, God is honored.